Five things about Bacalar, Quintana Roo in Mexico

A blue paradise to discover in your visit

This place is known as the mexican version of Bali or Bora Bora. In Mexico exist a category of towns named “Pueblos Magicos” or “Magic Towns” in english, these places are a must in your travel through Mexico because they combining history, natural attractions, services and culture to provide an unforgettable experience to the visitors.

Nowadays exist eighty five magic towns in Mexico and Bacalar, Quintana Roo is one of them. Maybe you have visited it or maybe not, that is why i’m going to tell you five things you might not know about this paradise.


1.- Its lagoon…is not a lagoon.

Don’t think I’m crazy when I say it! This huge natural swimming pool is formed by seven beautiful “cenotes” or sinkholes, each one with different shades of blue and it has forty square kilometers of extension.

One of the cenotes that form this “lagoon” is The Cenote of the Witch: this one has a submarine fracture in its depths that falls from one meter to one hundred meters approximately below the water that you can discover it while you swim. Most of the people who live in Bacalar believe that this cenote is deeper than they think because no one has reached the bottom.

2.- You will find the first living beings on the earth.

I’m not talking about the dinosaurs at all, but the stromatolites and trombolites which can be found in a few places on earth such as Australia, Chile, Brazil and Mexico.

With over 350 millions years in the planet, these living beings known as the Giant Microbialies, are located in Bacalar where they are preserved in its habitat to study them.


3.- Home to pirates and wars.

Here you will visit the Museum in the fort San Felipe with over 270 years of antiquity, where all the history of Bacalar is exhibited. Part of the history involves pirate attacks in the seventeenth century and the Caste War or “Guerra de Castas” which is the way we know this war.

This movement was iniciated by the native mayans against the creoles and meztizos population from 1847 to 1901, which cost almost a quarter of million lives.

The fort where the museum is located had 34 cannons in its strongholds Santa anna y Baluarte San Jose, today you can only see some of these stunning cannons on the tour.


4.- A camping getaway.

Take your tent, sleeping bag and a lamp when you visit Bacalar, enjoy the night while you watch the stars by the lagoon or rest under a tree.

Bacalar is surrounded by exuberant vegetation with incredible sceneries, it won’t be difficult to find a spot where you can camp, actually there are several places along the shore that offer economic fares for campers such as Ecocamping Yaxche, Magic Bacalar and Camping Bacalar.

Once you get there take a tour to the pirate channel for bird watching or across the lagoon and if you have pets at home, bring them with you because many of these campings are pet friendly.


5.- From Yucatecan food to Italian food

Bacalar has become in home of tourists from all over the world, like other beautiful towns or cities in Mexico. With them many cuisines had found their way to Bacalar. You can find places like Bertila’s pizzeria in the downtown, where the pasta is home made, the ingredients are fresh and the flavors are really good.

Sin título

La Playita located in the avenue 1 with 26th street, is the place to visit. This restaurant offer one of the most beautiful view of the lagoon while you taste the argentinean-mexican fusion menu combining pizzas, tacos, hamburguers and salads. Surrounded by beautiful vegetation, hammocks and docks is the best way to spend the noon with family or friends.

Foto by La Playita
Foto by La Playita

Here also you can find the traditional yucatecan food. There are several places in the downtown or go to the local market named “Jose Maria Morelos” to taste the authentic mayan flavor in the traditional tamales, panuchos, salbutes or empanadas. Just ride your bike or walk to discover all the flavors of Bacalar.

I hope this post have aroused your curiosity by visiting Bacalar in your next trip to Mexico, pack your stuff and discover one of the hidden treasures of Quintana Roo.

Until the next trip.


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