Campeche, México; A beautiful city hidden in the hills

Discover the most beautiful sunsets in the Gulf of Mexico


If I could describe my last trips in three words, those would be: walk, walk and walk. My first time in this beautiful city of the Mexican coast was just like this; walking from place to place. Campeche has the best of a small town and a big city, here you can find any kind of places from incredible libraries to delicious restaurants with the best of traditional food of Yucatan Peninsula.


After two hours by bus from Merida, crossing beautiful sceneries with green hills and jungle, I finally reached my destination, that place that I had seen only on The internet, since the first time I saw a  Campeche advertising, this city became a silent obsession.

Reach to this small town was a shock of excitement and fear, I knew almost nothing about it, just like in my last trips, walking was my solution to everything from finding a decent hotel that will suit my budget to discover the historic center and its beautiful cathedral. Here, your best ally is the public transportation.


My first point to know for obvious reasons was the historic center. Arrive at night has its advantages, the dim lighting of the park and the buildings that surround it create a unique atmosphere. I just sat down to watch and enjoy my first night in Campeche, it was a visual delight until my ears perceived the unmistakable tune of Pie Jesu, one of my favorite classic songs and that’s when I discovered The Dancing Fountains, a kind of tourist attraction that left me enthralled for hours. After walking and enjoy a healthy dinner, it was time to return to my hotel to rest and continue my visit the next day.


Finally, I could watch the sunrise through my window so it was time to run to catch a bus to the center, move to the hotel, visit the forts of San Jose and San Miguel and go to the light show in the archaeological site of Edzná. You can imagine my excitement but my day have only 24 hours and my to-do list was huge.

I arrived at the tourist information kiosk; My surprise was huge when I discovered that the person in charge was a very cheerful girl called Cynthia, I felt so much admiration for her that I took a picture. In that moment, I knew that Campeche had climbed many levels to be considered one of my favorite places.

Cynthia told me what public transport routes I must take to reach all my destinations and with that information in my head, made my way to the first place: The Fort of San Jose El Alto.


This site was built in the eighteenth century as a sign of Spanish power by Don Jose Vargas Sabido. It is now a small museum with replicas of pirate ships, weapons and part of the history of Campeche. The cost of the entrance is $ 45.00 pesos, but several of its rooms were closed, so my entry was free Yeah, I know! I’m lucky.


My next visit would take me to the opposite extreme of the city and, even more, higher, the Baluarte of San Miguel is right on the top of a hill. The steepness of the road and the sun of the midday were a challenge that I overcame. Here I had to pay $ 45.00 pesos to visit the showrooms of the Mayan culture with stelae, skulls, utensils and also part of the history of piracy in Campeche. The view of the Gulf of Mexico from the top was spectacular and worth every step and sweat.


Back in the center, I barely had time to settle down in my new hotel because my departure to the archaeological site of Edzna was scheduled in less than hour, but as good Mexican, I lay on the bed and almost instantly I fell asleep, that nap would have cost me to miss one of the most spectacular moments in the jungle of Campeche.


The road to Edzna took over 50 minutes. I was carrying my camera and tripod, ready to capture the most incredible picture seen through the eyes of man, but did not happen. I waited for more than hour and a half just to get to the entrance of the place! I have to admit that I was angry and sick of the family behind me could not put a stop to their brats.

The tour began with groups of 20 persons and one guide with a red light to get us through seven stations in different parts of the area. The stars that night were FUCKING AWESOME! sorry, but there was no other way to describe it, it was cold and the moon looked more beautiful between the pyramids of Edzna. I was in the middle of a large green area waiting for the main event of the night; the light show.

It was a unique experience to witness such an incredible moment.


It was 1 am when we arrived at Nohoch  Cohuo Park in Campeche. I was starving, sleepy and tired, but I was fascinated and grateful for my second day in Campeche. It dawned on my last day in Campeche, I thought it was too soon to end my trip and return home so I decided it was best to hurry and finish all pending visits.

La Puerta de Tierra was like traveling to a different time, my inner child was amazed by its construction and dimensions, I could imagine how was the life at the time of the colony when the pirates arrive to these lands to steal and hide their treasures.


I left La Puerto de Tierra and went to visit the Cultural Center House No. 6 right in front of the great cathedral, which is a house of the Spanish colonial period, showing how life was like when the big frilly dresses, wire structures and crinulina were fashionable. The cost did not exceed from $30.00 pesos and it was incredible to feel for a moment to be a character in the history of Campeche.



I hurried out and visit the Cathedral, may sound strange but it was not one of my main points of interest, so I left for last. Its large columns, arches and chandeliers share similarities with the cathedrals of Valladolid and Merida, these Spaniards were incredible architects. There is a museum of sacred art in the cathedral that I could not visit because they do not open on Sundays, that was a good excuse to return.


It was time to leave and I had pending many places like La puerta de Mar, the Museum of Piracy in the beautiful library of Campeche, some forts and take a long walk on the boardwalk, things that I will do in my next visit. Campeche said goodbye with one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen in my life and just I could say:

Thank You Campeche!



I’ll leave the details of the hotels where I stayed:

Hotel La Muralla:

Hotel Barranquilla:

The restaurants I visited

La Parroquia:

Fresh N Green :

Scattola :

Remember:  Be happy and travel a lot!

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