Springbreak 2015 : Where to go in Cancun.

Live the party in the night.

Enjoy the beach in the morning.


I’m about to turn 31 and living in Cancún the nightlife was a very important part of my social life, this is how I met my oldest and dearest friends, well Facebook and Farmville helped but we closed the deal dancing in the club, I remember when we go out to The City or Daddy Rock to party all night long, doing funny dances without mention go to the beach to watch the sunrise to continue the fun or just sit on the sand to talk about the life problems. When you live here, the party is 24 x 7 no matter what; until you have to work but if we talk about spring break this is where the party goes to another level…believe me there’s nothing to compare with Cancún in spring break

That’s why I gonna list some of the best spots to live the spring break in Cancún.


The City.

This club had been the stage for many artists like Lil Jon, Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold, Steve Aoki, Avicii and spring break spirit lives in here 365 days a year and it’s the largest club in latin america with its three floors at least 5,000 people can live the best music in Cancún, laser show and many music festivals have the spot as their main stage for their biggest artists like Inception Music Festival or Toltec Music Festival.

Without mention Foam Party and the unforgettable Glow Party part of the night in this place also you can enjoy show with acrobats, flying robots and not I’m not drinking now writing this blog, you have to believe when I say this is the PLACE in Cancún for the last 10 years and it’s located in the kilometer 9.5 in the hotel zone.


Coco Bongo.

Las Vegas meets Cancún…This is an iconic place here, where you will be amazed by  the shows on stage, here you can watch Madonna, Batman, Spider man, Tron, Beyonce, Shakira, Michael Jackson even Lady Gaga has her own night in this club. For one night, well depends how many nights you want to enjoy the spectacle, you can be whoever you want to be.

The history of this place take us back to The Mask movie with Jim Carrey where this place is presented like the best place ever and it’s true besides that’s why the mask it´s a legendary character here, for at least ten years this club had been a must when you come to visit Cancún and it’s located in Plaza Forum in the kilometer 9.5 you won’t miss it, is right where you can see bettlejuice and spiderman on the street.

And I almost forgot this club has a boutique/bar open during the day if you want to start the party earlier.



Oasis Cancún Hotel.

Talking about hotels, this is the best place to have a spring break party even MTV knows it. Dj’s like Eric Morillo, Joe Ghost, Quintino, Lil Jon and Pauly D, yes that handsome guy from Jersey Shore have been on the beach stage, thousands of springbreakers visit this hotel in this season from Brazil, United States, Canada, Europe and more just to find a wild beach party.

With the Festival Oasis Dance U, this hotel becomes into large party, from the pools to the beach you can see all the people dancing and having fun in other words living the season and it’s located in Blvd. Kukulkan KM. 16.5 in the hotel zone and you can call to 01 998 881 7000 if  you want to live the party too.


As you can see and probably now you are wondering why only three spots in Cancún? Although there are many places in the hotel zone, these three places are the best way to live this season for me but also you could go to Mandala Beach , Dadyo Cancún or Mandala Cancún and find your favorites too. I hope this blog help you to decide to come and visit us,  see you around.


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