How I enjoyed Isla Mujeres in one day!

An incredible paradise nearby Cancun

From Playa Norte to Punta Sur

I still remember how I felt when this journey through this caribbean island in Mexico ended, with  my face sunburned and my feet wanting to get rid off my shoes I got home with a big smile after discover an incredible paradise.

But let me tell how to get there if it’s your first time:

1.-Get to Cancun.

2.-Go to the downtown of Cancun and locate the area known as El Crucero.

3.-Find the red minivans with the ISLA MUJERES sign in yellow letters.

4.-Go to Ultramar pier, buy your round-trip ticket to the island and that’s all.

Once I got there was easy to cover all my needs such as: Where to eat?, where should I take a selfie or photos? or where should I go to swim? I Just prepared my camera, my water shoes, sunblock and l was ready to have some fun.

The first memory to catch were the blue waters of the Caribbean sea between Isla Mujeres and Cancun, trust me when I say this is an unforgettable image. When I already had all the photos in the top of the ferry with the sea behind me and a lot of videos, I reached the pier of Isla Mujeres so I continued my journey on foot because I was alone and there was no need to rent a golf car or pay taxis. Some exercise could be good for me.

Can you imagine the heat and sun of midday? So it was time to get something cold and fresh… Yes! it was time for a beer and eat. I get off the ferry and I walked along the main avenue asking the local people where to eat? Some of them were really confused and they were not able to agree until one of them said: You should try Mininos; a restaurant located a few blocks away from the ferry of Isla Mujeres.

And I discovered the most delicious shrimps ever in a beautiful place on the beach with awesome view, the whole package for $200.00 MXN.


I was very pleased with the food but dude! I wanted more photos so I went to the other pier in the opposite side of Isla Mujeres where I found the perfect spot to use my gopro and I took some incredible picture of the beach, well at least that what I thought. This stop was quick to avoid the crowd and continue my schedule to swim in Playa Norte, where the white sand was waiting for me.

When I visited the island 10 years ago, Playa Norte was a virgin beach with a few visitors and a lot of palm trees, now it’s obvious that was crowded but with a little help of my patience I found a nice spot to relax and enjoy the crystal waters and the sky while I was listening the reggae music from one of the beach clubs. This is a must when you come to Isla Mujeres so better be sure to spend at least a couple of hours here after continue your trip.

Warning! never left your backpack in the shore, a nasty wave could drown all your stuffs including your camera and go pro, I learned it in the hard way. Now was the turn to go to Punta Sur, this ecopark is one the most famous place in the island and the better way to get there is walking, I did it in less than a hour and I didn’t die.

While I was walking through the streets, I was amazed by the sceneries I found. Even with the heat and the sun the tour was an incredible experience. I climbed the cliffs, walked on the beaches and even I had the opportunity to watch how a tornado was forming in the ocean and this is a fact: when you decide to visit Isla Mujeres, you need to come prepared for everything.

After that hour in the streets finally I arrived to Punta Sur. Did you know this is first place of Mexico where the sun rises everyday? Well I didn’t know either, I had to read the big sign with this information and I’m not proud for that. This is the place to use your go pro, camera or cell phone to take breathtaking selfies, of course you need to watch your step if you don’t want to end up in the bottom of the cliffs so be careful.

The sunset was the sign to go home and I was sitting on the pier seven in the downtown of Isla Mujeres watching the night and day combined in the same sky. In that moment I was thinking that this was the best decision I ever made this weekend and I was craving to stay one more day but unfortunately the work was waiting for me the next day. That made me think that you can spend all the time you want so don’t hesitate and come to enjoy this paradise.


See you in the post.



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