Ten reasons to hate Merida, Yucatan!

Yes! After 50 hours in this city I found enough reasons to hate it:

1.-It’s so boring…

Yes! Merida should be known as the most boring city in Mexico, of course! if you hate to visit places that hide authentic historical treasures behind their walls. Every museum or cultural centre that you will find in the city is incredible, from the Olimpo Cultural Centre, The Macay Museum, The City Hall or the Grand Museum of the Mayan World offer a display of local talent and a journey through the Yucatan’s history. All of them must be in your schedule while you are in Merida.


2.- It’s always hot…

No matter if it’s 9am or 1pm, the weather in Merida is so hot that the only one way to keep you fresh is go to the traditional bars. Visit La Chaya Maya, El Tucho or Los Henequenes in the downtown, where a cold beer is waiting for you. That’s not the best part; these places are botaneros or snack bars, that means the snacks are free while you drink beer or cocktails. Are you going with children? Go to the ice cream shop Colon in Paseo Montejo and ask for Champolas, that is a yucatecan milkshake. Not so bad for a hot day!


3.- Everything is far away…

First is hot and now you have to walk…sad reality that will make you leave your hotel room to walk along the streets and enjoy places where the ancient and the modern merge to create incredible sceneries. You will walk through cobbled streets of colonial houses with hundreds of years of being built. You’ll walk in entire colonies to discover the story of the city at every step, these houses will take you from the years of the colony to the present day through its architecture. For me, walk along with Miguel of La Vida Es Viaje to the City Express Montejo was an  incredible adventure.


4-.The food will be your perdition…

You will get up very early only to smell the traditional Cochinita Pibil and walk each corner to find food stalls offering salbutes, relleno negro, kibies, lime soup, tamales, yucatecan desserts and the list will continue throughout the day. It will be a challenge choose something to eat and if you are vegetarian, don’t worry, in many places there are brazo de reyna,  papadzules and polcanes which are the options if you don’t eat meat.


5.- They want to sell you all…

Would you resist to buy a beautiful hammock, an elegant guayabera or a beautiful handmade dress? I know you would not. While you walk in the main square you will find crafts made with leather, woven hats, blouses, handicrafts, traditional rebozos and much more. And I almost forgot one important thing PLEASE DON’T HAGGLING WITH THE LOCAL SELLERS, many of these people work a full week for a hammock or more to embroider a dress so you can be sure you are taking home a unique piece so pay the fair price.


6.- You will learn about religion and history more than ever…

That’s right, you will visit churches and chapels that were an important part of the history of Mérida since its founding. The Cathedral of San Ildefonso is the most important and principal, it’s in front of the main square of the city and dates from 1598. One of the chapels you can visit is the Ermita de Saint Isabel, which was built in 1748 and has a botanical garden inside, are you ready to learn history? Because it is only one of many that exist in the city.


7.- You will dance even if you don’t want to…

Even when you do not know the steps and look like you’re killing ants, it is impossible not to feel the joy and passion that mestizos put when they dance the traditional yucatecan dance known as Jarana. You may think that all jaranas are equal, but you will learn that there jaranas 6 x 8 and 3 x 4. Everything depends on the pace.


8.- You will forget about the movies…

Once you visit the Peon Contreras Theater, one of the most important opera houses of Mexico, you will forget everything because its beautiful decoration, the incredibles chandeliers and its incredible ceiling, making it a piece of art. The present building where it is located was built between 1900 and 1908 and is home to renowned works as well as concerts by the Symphony Orchestra of Mérida. The Armando Manzanero Theatre is another of theatrical venues in Merida and was opened in 1949 to showcase films, this until 1992 when it was closed.


9.- Once you feel homesickness everything is lost….

That’s right! When you arrive at the bus terminal or airport, you will turn around and feel the need to prolong your visit a little more to keep discovering and enjoying the city. It’s just that moment when a feeling begins to explore your body, the same feeling you felt when you left home for the first time and makes you say: I DO NOT WANT TO GO!


I searched for a tenth reason but I didn’t find it, so if you have the misfortune to step on this place in Yucatan, help me and tell me what would be your reason to hate Merida?


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