An incredible eco-adventure in Muyil


The place where nature and history merge into perfect scenario

When I discovered Muyil on The Internet for the first time, I was wondering why I have not been there? In that moment I decided, that place will be my next adventure. I just packed my stuff, grabbed my cameras and some clothes to spend one night in Playa del Carmen before leaving to Felipe Carillo Puerto.


After a huge party night with the Heineken Winter Beach, it was time to take the shuttle to Felipe Carrillo Puerto. At first sight, Muyil seemed to be a forgotten place in the middle of a road in Riviera Maya but this changed when I walked to the entrance where a gentle man gave us the information of what we will find there.


This archaeological site is part of the Mayan heritage of Mexico and it’s located in the Biosphere of Sian Ka’an, one of biggest natural reserve in our country. The jungle in this places is incredible while you walking trough the buildings you can watch how the time has merged the nature and history into a place where you be amazed at every step.


One of the main buildings is the Castle or structure 81-13, located in the middle of the site, from here there is a path to the jungle where you have to pay $3USD. This money is for one cooperative in Sian Ka’an that preserve the flora and fauna. This path is like long pier made of wood, where you can walk trough the jungle of the natural reserve to the Muyil Lagoon.


You will have the opportunity to watch the nature. Take your time to enjoy the cenotes, water holes, the giant blue butterflies and little fishes. Close your eyes at least for one minute to hear all the jungle life and prepare to live an unforgettable experience. Climb the wood tower in the middle of the path to discover a wide view of the Sunyaxchen and Muyil lagoons.


Keep walking to reach Muyil lagoon, here you have the option to rent a boat and enjoy a tour in the rivers and visit the Sunyaxchen lagoon where you can do several activities like swimming, floating or paddle.

It was a shame that I didn’t bring enough money to take that tour, but the whole jungle experience and the archaeological site was enough reason to back home very happy.  if you have the opportunity to visit this place, don’t hesitate, It will be an incredible experience to discover some of the beauty of México.



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